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The amount of different types of taps means getting the handle off can be quite a problem before you even get to renew the tap washer or disc. This video covers quite a few of the different types that are out there


How to remove different types of tap handles in order to repair the taps

How to a repair a mixer tap leaking at the swivel base

If you have a mixer tap leaking at the bottom swivel joint this video shows you how to fix it. It can be a right irritation with water running around the base of the tap!

How to a fix a leak running down from your mixer taps

How to fix that annoying leak running down from your mixer taps. They may be the kitchen sink taps or the wash hand basin taps, the fix is the same

How to fix a leaking tap

How to repair a dripping tap, changing the washer and using the tap re-seating tool to re-seat your tap.

Where’s my stopcock? How do I turn the water off?

If you have a Combi boiler then it is just a case of turn the main stopcock off and everything is off, but what about the rest of us with all those extra valves in the airing cupboard. Turned off the main stopcock, but the cold is still running in the bathroom? A common question I keep getting. Don`t fear Al is here, to explain all

How to clean the filter in your tap spout

If your taps spray every where when you operate your taps then the filters in the spout of the taps are blocked up, here is how to clean them out

No pressure from your hot tap? Bought new taps and now no pressure?

When buying new taps be very careful unless you have a Combi boiler. For those of you with roof tanks and cylinders be extra careful what taps you buy. If you already have new taps giving low pressure (usually the hot one) here is a guide for improving the flow

Changing a set of mixer taps. Kitchen taps shown but the same for basin or bath.  A real job carried out in situ with all the problems of working under a sink

Lever taps dripping? How to change the cartridge     

If your lever taps are dripping here is how to renew the cartridge inside. These taps have no washers only ceramic discs in a cartridge

How to a rewasher a dripping tap. Save pounds on your water bill

A dripping tap is not only irritating but will cost you money as well!! Do it today with this easy to follow guide. A real life situation, not some staged gig

How to renew a stopcock

 Water won't turn off, need a new stopcock?

Isolating the outside tap for winter

Not just a reminder to turn off the valve to your outside tap for winter but also the reason why it can still burst even though it is switched off and lagged

How to a repair a leaking outside tap

If your outside tap leaks all the time here is the simple fix to repair it

How frustrating!! Is your stopcock jammed solid and you cannot move it? Here's how to free it and get it working again!

How to free a jammed stop cock that will not run

If you have an annoying leak from a drain valve or draw off cock. Here is the easy fix for it

How to repair a leaking drain cock

How to a repair a leak on an old fashioned tap

If you have the old fashion style taps that leak water down onto your sink / bath or wash hand basin every time you turn them on, then here is how to fix it. The video shown is basin taps but it is the same for bath and sink taps

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How to change mixer taps   (monoblock)

Rewashered tap still leaking? How to fix a dripping tap, using a tap re-seating tool

How to repair a dripping tap, changing the washer and using the tap re-seating tool to re-seat your tap. Just changing the tap washer is sometimes not enough, the tap will still leak, this is especially the case if you live in a hard water area

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How to fix no water from a tap. Fix it now!

HOW TO GET WATER FLOWING FROM A TAP THAT HAS NO TURNS LEFT. Don`t put up with it, just follow this easy guide video

How to renew a pair of basin sink taps, with just one tool, a basin spanner

A real life plumbing job and best of all you just need one tool to do the job. A basin spanner

How to renew bath taps for shower mixer taps

A real life in situ change of taps with all the problems of lyng half under a bath with a wash hand basin jamming you in. Not some out of situ easy bath tap change but the real thing with all the problems that come with it

How to change bath taps to shower mixer taps yourself

Change your bath taps to shower mixer taps yourself.  All you really need is a good basin spanner and a screwdriver for the bath panel. Fitting a shower mixer tap gives you a free shower

How to tighten a lose tap, basin sink or bath from swinging around

How to fix a basin tap that is loose in the wash hand basin and swings around when trying to turn it on or off. Also this tip can be used on bath and sink taps that are loose

How to tighten lose mixer taps (monoblock mixer) sink/bath

Are your taps on the move every time you go to turn them? If you leave them they will start to leak eventually. Whether it is your sink/basin or bath taps that are lose just follow my easy to fix video

 Ask Al,  Do you have a plumbing or  central heating problem and can’t find  the answer on Al’s videos? Then  please email and Al will try to help you.

Oh No!! A leak under the sink! What to do

Oh No!!!!  A leak under the sink!!!!  Have you ever opened the sink cupboard door to find water running down from your taps. All your detergents etc sitting in water!!  How to easily fix this job. This is for those of you who have separate taps in the basin or sink.  

How to temporarily fix a leak running down from your taps and onto the floor

A short term fix if you are going to renew leaking taps, and need them to keep going, until that new bathroom arrives. This happens with dropped spout single hole taps that run back towards the sink. My daughters house had this problem and I realised that maybe this could be of use, especially in rented property where the landlord will do nothing or you are awaiting a new bathroom or new kitchen

How to stop water hammer noises from a tap

Do you get a loud bang when you turn your tap off? Here is an easy cure for that water hammer.

"Stopcocks" hate them? How about a switch to turn your water offes from a tap

Fed up with trying to reach stopcocks under cupboards and then finding they are too stiff to turn the water off, or you are elderly, have arthritis and cannot turn the stopcock, well how about having a simple wall mounted easy accessible switch to turn your water off instead.  Al shows how easy it is to fit one. Also provided is an Amazon link to buy one from our website.  

If you have an airlock, it becomes an awkward job to clear when you have mixer taps fitted through out the house. Here are some tips to get your hot water back. Here is the link for the video on how to fix no water from a tap, if you only have half a turn or so as this is not an airlock

How to clear an airlock if you have mixer taps