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Bathroom, Showers and Bathroom DIY

Has your bath overflow rose and chrome waste outlet lost there chrome? It certainly brings down the look of your bath.

 Renewing the bath waste and rose

Lose those black mastik marks around your shower or bath

Do you have horrible black stains around your bath or shower seal? Here is an answer to it

Fitting a shower riser rail

How to fit a new shower riser rail in your shower cubical or above your bath.

Change or upgrade a broken electric shower

Changing a shower in a real life situation

Unblock a shower trap.   

A mucky but essential job that should be done regularly. How to remove the chrome cover and  the plastic basket hair catcher and clean out.

Renewing bath taps for shower mixer taps

Change your bath taps to shower mixer taps. All you really need is a good basin spanner and a screwdriver for the bath panel.

Wash hand basin gurgling and smells

How to change a basin trap for an anti syphon one and stop those bad smells and gurgling noises in the bath room.

Fitting a waste pipe non return valve to stops smells coming back into the bathroom

A dual purpose use for this 40 mm waste pipe fitting. Video showing the various options for fitting the valve. Mainly used for back flow problems where waste water backs up a bath waste or shower tray, but also good for stopping drain smells backing up waste pipes and causing smells in bathrooms.

Changing a bath trap to stop smells or leaks

Leak from your waste under your bath or bad smells coming from your bathroom after you have emptied the bath, use this trap

Clean the grout and revamp mouldy mastic.

Here is how to clean the grout and revamp the mouldy mastik. Bring it all back to new again.

How to help cure mould and damp in the bathroom

If your bathroom is damp with mouldy black stains. Cure that problem now before it gets too bad.

Cure drainage smells in the bathroom

You could have a waste pipe problem where traps syphon out leaving smells from the drain.

Using the Karcher window cleaner to help prevent mould in your bathroom

Fed up with the mould? The trick is to try and keep it at bay; you need to get rid of the water on the tiles because it causes the grout to turn a mucky colour and runs down to the mastik causing it to go black.  You can use a window cleaning wand for this job and let the water run into the tray and then mop up with a cloth.  Also a fantastic way to make your bathroom shine!!  Use of the  Karcher window cleaner is shown in this home use video.  

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Fitting a bath sealing strip

Get a nice finish to the top of your bath with a plastic sealing strip. Ideal if the grout has broken away

Clear a blocked pop up basin waste.

If you have a pop up basin waste, a blockage is easy to clear

Fix a leak running down from your basin or taps underneath

This is for those of you who have separate taps in the basin or sink.  

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Do you get water coming up into your bath when using the wash basin? or water coming up into your shower tray, maybe it is your sink when you use your washing machine. Even good for stopping drain smells. No need to do an entire re-plumb of your waste system here is an answer

Stop back flow coming up into your bath, basin, shower

How to fit a soft close wc seat including removal of the old one.

How to fit a soft close wc seat.

How to fit a twin impeller shower pump and why you need one on low pressure systems

Although I have already fitted this pump I will give you a guide to it’s installation with simplified drawings on siting and plumbing connections to and from pipework.  Also with drawings and how you can increase your water pressure if you live in a flat with a header tank and hot water cylinder. Different types and models of pumps discussed, from single to duel impeller pumps. Please note always make sure that the draw off the cistern in the loft for the hot water is above the draw off for the cold, so if somebody has a long shower the hot runs out before the cold to prevent scalding hot water in the shower

Increase pressure from your shower

Is your shower slow with no pressure ? If yours is an electric shower then you know that the more hot water you want from it, the slower it gets. A simple easy answer that does not involve renewing your shower to one with a higher power

Fix a shower that runs luke warm

How to fix a power shower that can only manage to get luke warm when set to full heat on the tap. Including a good soaking for not turning the cold feed off first, turned off the hot but forgot the cold!

Clean a shower head  and get a better shower

Keeping your shower head clean gives a much better shower. It is an easy job

Fitting a new shower head

Fed up with that boring shower head that came with the shower? It’s so easy to change it

    Fitting a shower regulator, save money

Power showers use lots of water. A regulator can help get that expensive water bill down. How and where to fit it, a simple job

Are you getting a damp patch in your ceiling every time you use a shower in your bath? This is how to renew the all important water seal around your bath.

How to renew the water seal around your bath

Fit a dual fuel towel rail using an element and connection to boiler flow and return

This is for an electric element in the towel rail and connection to the water. Also this system shows how to connect to your pipe-work in order to have a warm towel rail when the hot water is on. The heating is not required.

How to get cheap hot water from a towel rail element and return.

How to get cheap hot water from your hot water tank using a 250 watt towel rail heater. Typical cost of these are about £25.00 from e-bay. The fittings required for fitting about £15.00. When fitted just leave switched on either all the time or just during daylight hours if you have solar panels and your hot tank will all ways be warm so that your existing immersion heater or gas boiler does not have to heat up the tank from cold. This is where most energy is used. Burning just 250 watts is much cheaper and will save you money over the long term especially if using excess solar power

For those of you with Combi boilers this will not be possible but you can still connect up a towel rail  

If you have solar panels fitted this is a good way to use your surplus power during the day.

How to drill through a ceramic wall tile.  

Need to fix a cabinet to the bathroom or kitchen wall? This job can seem daunting at first. The worry of breaking the ceramic tile!! Having trouble drilling through tiles? Fix anything to them it`s easy . Just follow my video.

 Ask Al,  Do you have a plumbing or  central heating problem and can’t find  the answer on Al’s videos? Then  please email and Al will try to help you.

 Ask Al,  Do you have a plumbing or  central heating problem and can’t find  the answer on Al’s videos? Then  please email and Al will try to help you.

How to remove black mould from sillicone. (Mastic)

Finally something that actually seems to work, sillicone can be such a job to sort out when it has gone black with mould. Seems to clean out the black mould from tile grout as well. Cost £5.00.  Available from this Amazon link, at my website