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Do you have a leak on a radiator valve? That is coming from the pipe nut or the union connecting the radiator? Do not despair, it is still repairable

Central Heating Radiators

How to repair a leak on the nut of a radiator

How to repair a leaking radiator valve

Fix that leaking radiator valve easily. No plumber required.  A small reel of PTFE tape will do the job!   Save yourself pounds and do it yourself

If you are fed up keep bleeding air from your radiators then here is the answer,  just fit and forget and chuck away the air key. Save money long term because if you forget to release the air from your radiators you are running your heating and not getting the heat you should be from your radiators

Air in radiators? No more bleeding. Fit this auto vent and forget it

How to fit a thermostatic rad valve if your radiator is not heating up

If you have a radiator not heating up a faulty thermostatic rad valve could well be the cause. If you have tried bleeding and checked the lock shield valve is fully on at the other end of the radiator, then chances are your thermostatic radiator valve is stuck in the off position.This easy and simple fix shows how to quickly and easily fix the problem

How to a change a radiator valve for a thermostatic one.

How to change a standard radiator valve for a thermostatic one. Save money on your heating bill .This is a real life job not a staged gig

How to remove and replace a radiator to decorate

Need to decorate behind a central heating radiator but do not fancy taking it off he wall? Do not worry, I will take you through the whole job.( PS if you have a Combi boiler do not forget to re-pressure it, via the filling loop, back to between 1.2 and 1.5 bar. Also count the amount of turns on the lock shield valve when turning off and when finished, turn it the same amount of turns back on.)

How to turn different radiators off

How to correctly measure a radiator for replacement

How to hang a  radiator

How to prevent air getting into your radiators

Not sure which way to turn your rad valve and need to turn your radiator off? Al takes you through the most common types of radiator valves.  (NB if you turn the lock shield valve off, do remember how many turns it took to turn off and turn on the same amount when turning back on)

Need to replace your radiator and not sure how to measure it? The correct place to measure a radiator and what to do if the radiator you are changing it with is not the same size.

Trying to get your new central heating radiator straight on the wall can be a hassle. Just follow this video to do it easily.,

Are you fed up with having to keep bleeding radiators? Is there an answer to this common problem?  I will take you through the most common heating systems whether it be a Combi system or conventional with an F and E tank to show why it keeps happening and more importantly and what you can do about it.

How to isolate a radiator

How to change a cast iron radiator for a new one the same size

Have a leaky radiator or need to renew? When you have a leak on the radiator itself, lookout for rust marks on the corners. This video shows you how to isolate and remove the radiator

Changing an old inefficient cast iron radiator for a new convector type. Save money on your heating bills with modern high output radiators. Full video showing the whole job. Do it yourself and save money, not just for the installation by a plumber, but also your heating cost afterwards.  

How to change a small central heating radiator for a larger one. Get more heat!!

A real life job not some mocked up workbench experience. A modern slightly larger convector single radiator or better still a double panel convector radiator will warm your room a lot more than an old single panel ,and even more so if it is an old cast iron one. Keep warm and save money double your heat output for the same cost as heating an old single panel iron radiator.

How to flush out a radiator. Improve heat and performance

How to find a radiator bleed nipple to release air and increase performance

How to improve the heat output from your radiators

These can be tricky to find if you do not know where they are located.  It is important to keep your radiators bled to improve efficiency. This video shows you how to find the location and how to bleed

If the lower half of your central heating radiator is cold, then it needs flushing out. This will make your heating more efficient and save money on your heating bills.  You are using the energy so heat the rad!!

How to get more heat out of your radiators for next to nothing (well almost). An improvement to your heating for a very small cost but save loads on your heating bills.

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How to balance your central heating system.  Don’t put up with cold radiators

Have radiators that are not heating up all that well? Your system wants balancing. This is easy to do and this video shows you how to do it. Why does it always seem to be the living room where you sit all evening that is the coolest radiator in the house? All will be explained.

The best thermostatic radiator valves to buy

Do not scrimp on the price of thermostatic radiator valves, buy the best ones, cheap valves often jam and render no heat to a radiator.

How to drain your radiators and boiler when you have no drain cock or it does not work

How to drain your heating system to add inhibitor or remove a rad but cannot find the drain valve, or the old one does not work. Here is how to do it.

How to remove central heating covers so you can clean behind

If you have those nice looking radiator covers and need to get them off to clean behind/underneath. (They are real good dust traps.) Al shows you how to do it.

How to bleed air from an old style rad. Get more heat from your radiator

How to bleed air from an old type radiator. Do this job regularly and you will be rewarded with more heat and cheaper fuel bills.

How to fix a radiator that’s been bled but still not working

If you have already bled your radiator and find it is still not working then here are some simple things to try. Please note that if you have a really old heating system that has no inhibitor in the system that you may well have to drain the complete system flush through with a flushing agent and then refill with an inhibitor. Also if your pump is running down you may well need to renew it I have another video on how to do that

 Ask Al,  Do you have a plumbing or  central heating problem and can’t find  the answer on Al’s videos? Then  please email and Al will try to help you.

How to fit a radiator valve with a drain off cock

If you have no drain cock to empty down your heating system, here is how to fit a combination radiator valve with drain cock. Without having to drain down to fit it

Taken a radiator off the wall for decorating and now find it no longer gets hot?

Taken a radiator off the wall for decorating or replacement with another one.? You turn it back on and even after bleeding find it does not work or worse the whole heating system is cold. What's happened?  Here is the video to answer all of those questions.