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 Ask Al,  Do you have a plumbing or  central heating problem and can’t find  the answer on Al’s tutorials? Then  please email and Al will try to help you.

 Ask Jan,  Do you have a favourite  recipe  you would like Jan to try in the  Halogen  oven? Or a sewing project then  please email and  she will give  it a go!

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You can contact us in the following way, either direct by email, through our contact form, or by facebook.

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Al`s video`s, on plumbing/heating and DIY. Jan`s, Home Help for Halogen oven cooking/fashion and home domestics. The website and our U-Tube channel are dedicated to saving money by doing things yourself. We show that anything is possible given the right guidelines, to that end, we use our life experiences to help you.

Tune to our channel Dereton 33.