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  DIY - General

Removing a window and fitting French doors. Real life job done stage by stage fitting anyone can do it. The French doors cost £500 and the extra trims cement and mastic ect cost £30 Estimate from window firm supply and fitted…. £2,300 ouch! So save money and have a go yourself. Be brave do it!

How to take out and remove a window and fit french doors

How to level french doors

If the weathers been hot and your doors face south, why you should maybe hang on before adjusting those french door

How to fix a door that will not close

How to re-align your kitchen cupboard doors if they have come out of line

If you have a door that will not close properly then this video is the normal answer to the problem

How to cure damp in the bedroom

How to fix a broken door handle

I got locked out of a very important room one night, so in case it happens to you , here is how to fix it

French doors need adjusting?  Why to hang on if the weather is hot

How to make leaded windows and stain glass

This project came about when I moved into my new house.  I didn’t like the look of my front door!!  The cost to replace was sheer madness so I got out the glass paint and lead and here’s the result!!!  I love it! It’s soooooo easy to do and so rewarding.  Good luck with your project.


How to restore your kitchen cupboards on a budget

Revamping kitchen cupboards and renewing handles. A cheap makeover for all those on a budget and who’s not these days

If you wake up in the morning to find your windows misted up and a damp black patch on the ceiling or wall, (usually in the corners) then you need to sort it out before it does damage to the room. Using a dehumidifier is an expensive option that does not cure the root of the problem. Air flow is crucial.

How to find the adjustment screws to level up double glazed french doors. If your set of doors are out of line or scraping the ground sill, then this video will show you the location of the adjusters, and how to make height and inward and outward adjustments

Using Annie Sloane paint on a coffee table

Transform your dull old furniture.  I've demonstrated a  coffee table  into Shabby chic with this amazing paint

How to drill ceramic tiles

 Nervous about drilling a ceramic tile? Worried it will skid off and crack your tile? You will need an electric drill and 7mm drill bit

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How to fix a gas fire ignitor

 If your igniter has stopped sparking the answer can be easier than you think

So how good is this floor covering on a roll and why and where would you need it?

How to lay sheet vinyl flooring on a roll

How to put up an awning

Need some shade in your garden? This Awning from primrose is just the job and is also very cheap, available from Primrose

How to fix anything to plaster board wall, shleves, cupboards, mirrors etc

The video shows a shelf that has fallen off the wall because it was fitted up with rawl plugs. The video shows the shelf being refitted to the plaster board wall using the correct fixings. There are many types of wall board fixings that you can buy now but these are my favourite

How to change an internal door for a glazed one

Changing a plain white interior door for a glazed one.This lets more light into rooms making your house feel light and airy. The side benefit is less interior lights need to be left on if light reaches darker rooms through the glazed door. So saving energy and you money. Full fitting on site

How to fix a wooden shelf to a brick wall

Not sure how to fit a shelf to a brick wall.  Follow this video and fit it yourself easy with this guide

This is a fantastic home project.  You can make your chandellier beautiful using this idea with glass paint.

Using glass paint to paint your lights

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How to assemble a hi fi rack GTS6BC 600 MM

How to assemble this great looking hi fi rack that is just £50.00 from Amazon.

Need to fit  flat screen tv bracket to the wall?  

How to fit your flat screen tv to the wall. You will need an electric drill, level and a screwdriver

Kitchen cupboard doors are always falling out of line this video shows how to adjust them back to perfect alignment once again.

Follow up review, the garden room one year on

Follow up review of the garden room. Priced at around a £300.00.The pitfalls and problems a year later. Still cheaper than a £10.000 pound conservatory?

£10.000 Conservatory or the £300.00 Garden Room. Take a look and see what you think

In my old house I paid out £12.000 for a conservatory the same size, this does not pretend to be the same quality, but it certainly does the same job

How to temporairily repair a leaking roof. GB

Repairing a tiled roof valley that is leaking. Using the latest gunge from Germany and brick seal. So many so called roofers and builders have been up there charged me the earth and the leak was back 3 months later and of course the builders were long gone or refused to come back without more money so i decided to get up there and do it myself. A later review will give the results. Fingers crossed! It was a good quick fix, but unfortunately this did not last long as the lead valleys needed replacing.  

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How to renew the roof valleys. If your roof is leaking it may well be through the valley. UK

If you have a roof leak it may well be through the valley.  This is where two parts of the roof join. This video shows the full repair from removing leaded valleys and replacing with new plastic ones! I promised a follow up review on the gunk that I used in the first place, but it didn't work for long as the valleys really needed renewing

How to fix up a solar security light and save electricity. Dont pay for mains electricity

How to fix up a cheap Rolston solar security light £13.00 from e-bay. Save electric with these cheap and cheerful lights, one of which I have had for more than 18 months and it`s still going strong. These units do not even need direct sunlight to work. They click on for 20 seconds when they sense you, plenty of time to get up those dark steps. The bright leds shine my steps up a treat.

Bring a glass door to life with glass paint and leading

Make your home your own with this great idea of adding glass paint and lead to your internal glass door. This now matches my front door and chandelier!! I love the effect!  

How to remove rawl plugs from a wall

They seem to be every where, no wall seems complete without one. Don`t worry getting them out is an easy job