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Tools, pipes and fittings

Save money by using end feed fittings , packs of these fittings can be bought at a fraction of the cost of compression fittings. Install your own central heating real cheap using delcop end feed fittings

How to use rubber bungs to seal off pipes, handy if you have a broken gate valve etc

A video showing the usefulness of rubber bungs in plumbing,if you need to test a soil  stack installation or more commonly to seal off water tank feeds in order to renew broken gate valves,. These useful items save draining down the roof tank. Also useful for working on your heating system renewing radiator valves etc, without draining down the system

How to bend copper pipe with a bending spring

How to bend copper pipe with a bending spring, and without kinks . If you cannot afford a bending machine typical cost about £60.00 then the nice cheap bending spring is for you at a cost of £1.50

How to seal copper pipes

A video showing the various jointing compounds for copper pipe, plastics and sanitary ware. Also how to apply them and the ones that have worked the best for me

How to solder copper pipe fittings to copper tube

The flexi connector is just great for making up those short lengths of pipework where you may have fitted new taps and the copper pipe tails are now too short to connect back up, or a new WC cistern where the old pipework is in the wrong place. Buy these connectors with a valve already in line as part of the flexi and you have a really useful bit of kit, for very little money

How to fit a compression fitting joining two pieces of pipe together, showing how tight to do it up and what jointing paste to use.

Compression fittings: how to fit one properly

How to seal plastic waste pipe with solvent weld using push fittings

For permanent joints on PVC waste pipe, always use solvent weld push joints, these joints, once taken properly never leak; whereas those with rubber washers will, sooner or later. So be safe just follow my easy video and run your waste pipes securely without leaks

First of all, don’t forget to turn the water off first.  Fix that leak yourself quite easily just follow this easy video

How to a fix a leaking compression fitting

Push fit fittings are still the easiest way of doing your own plumbing . For the DIY person this is the way to go, for adding extra radiators, plumbing in your own sink to adding a shower in another room, nothing can be simpler, this video is a guide to the correct way of fitting them and removing them and more importantly, without leaks

How to a fix and remove plastic pipe fittings, for easy install of heating and other pipework

How to fit a flexi connector. Great for use in fitting new taps, WC cisterns etc

How to bend copper tube 15mm or 22mm copper pipe

How to bend copper pipe with a bender and save money on expensive fittings

How to easily clean copper pipe fittings for soldering

Cleaning old copper pipe can be such a chore especially when the pipe is against a wall. Here is the easy answer, no wire wool no emery cloth

Preparation is king when it comes to soldering copper pipe fittings. Some really cheap copper pipe cleaners are shown in the video,  including actually soldering a fitting to copper pipe

How to prepare and solder copper pipe for fittings

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Useful washer kits for DIY and plumbers for just a £1

Something that is really worth a £1.00. These get out of jail washers save you time and time again

How to fit 22mm copper tube to imperial three quarter inch tube and the other way round

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How to fit 22mm copper tube pipe to three quarter inch imperial copper pipe. If you live or are working in an old house pre 1973 chances are you will come across imperial copper tube plumbing this can cause some headaches. This video shows how to overcome the problems of fitting the two together

The non return valve, where to fit them and why you might need one

This little plumbing beauty saves many headaches and worries. So where does it go and why would you need one? Al explains some of the many uses for this valve. If you know of any more let me know

A real life plumbing job and best of all you just need one tool to do the job. A basin spanner

How to renew a pair of basin sink taps, with just one tool, a basin spanner

Plumbing tools what you need for most plumbing jobs

The kit you need for most plumbing jobs. Showing from the basic level of tools to the more advance stuff. I’ve been a plumber for 40 years so this kit is tried and well tested

Basin spanners and why you need them to change taps

The humble basin spanner, one of the most used tools in a plumbers tool box. A video showing the different types and why you need them

How to fit plastic pipe covers. Hide those copper pipes

Make a neater job of your pipework by fitting plastic pipe cover

How to repair a dripping tap, changing the washer and using the tap re-seating tool to re-seat your tap. Just changing the tap washer is sometimes not enough, the tap will still leak, this is especially the case if you live in a hard water area

Rewashered tap still leaking? How to fix a dripping tap, using a tap re-seating tool

Plumbers spare parts , dont get caught out on a job

Some of my spares that I carry when out plumbing , so I don't get stuck and have to make a trip to the plumbers shop just for something silly like an olive for a compression fitting

The syphon tool, good for plumbers and DIY

If you need to remove water laying in the bottom of a cistern or tank, this is a cheap tool that really saves all that baling out with a cup or glass

 Ask Al,  Do you have a plumbing or  central heating problem and can’t find  the answer on Al’s videos? Then  please  email and Al will try to help you.

How to use a pressure gun to clear a blocked sink/bath/basin or WC pan

How to clear a blocked waste using a cheap pressure gun priced around £15.00. This is the easest way of clearing a blocked sink/bath/basin or WC pan . Available from most DIY outlets these pressure guns save a lot of work in dismantling wastes and messing with rods etc.

 Ask Al,  Do you have a plumbing or  central heating problem and can’t find  the answer on Al’s videos? Then  please email and Al will try to help you.