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Fashion, sewing and home crafts

How to make a stylish bag to your own requirements, colour, size with or without a zip or mobile pouch.  This video shows how to make a simple bag, with step by step instructions if you want to add a mobile phone pouch, zip, strap or handles

How to make a fashion bag with a zip, lining, mobile phone pouch, strap and handles

How to shorten a long skirt with no sewing or hemming

Want to make your wardrobe last longer.  This little tip is so easy!! Turn an out of fashion long skirt into a fashionable short one that works well with leggings and boots

Trousers too long, follow this video to see how to take them up.  It's dead easy!! How to take up trousers jeans etc. Simple instructions how to do it with or without a sewing machine.

How to take up trousers, jeans etc

How to make a mobile phone cover for any size phone

Singer Futura XL 400 embroidery machine

Embroidery using the Singer XL-400 sewing machine

A full in depth review of the Singer Futura XL 400 embroidery and sewing machine. As used at home listing all the good and the bad about this machine.

We have no connection with Singer.

Reviewed two years after the first review with all the bugs ironed out. Many problems were encountered on our first review but due to all your excellent feedback over the last two years, these have now been resolved. Hence this new review. This video focuses on making an embroidery design using the hoop

Be the envy of your friends use the material that you like. It's easy! You need a sewing machine, or a thread and needle to make a cover like this.  Just lay your mobile on the fabric and cut to size then sew together!! Make yours yourself.

This bunting looks wonderful for any occasion.  We used the taupe and orange for our daughter's wedding and it looked wonderful!!  

Wedding coming up? How to make bunting easily, for that special celebration.

How to make leaded windows and stain glass easily

This project came about when I moved into my new house.  I didn’t like the look of my front door!!  The cost to replace was sheer madness so I got out the glass paint and lead and here’s the result!!!  I love it! It’s soooooo easy to do and so rewarding.  

How to make an underskirt for a wedding dress

In this video I’ll show you how I made a teal coloured underskirt for our daughter’s wedding dress. A different colour from the white really sets it off.

How to match your shoes to your outfit

This is an amazing way to change the look of your shoes at a very small cost.  Be creative!!! Have a go!!!!  You can use any colour and design just let your creativity loose. We customised these shoes to match the teal of the underskirt on the wedding dress!!  It looked amazing.  It matched the bunting too!!!!!!

How to make your hair look great for your wedding with these crystals

Got a wedding coming up and don't know what to do with your hair.  Here is an idea of how to use a crystals to make it look extra special. match the teal of the underskirt on the wedding dress!!  It looked amazing.  It matched the bunting too!!!!!!

Adding a bit of colour to your jeans

Want to look a bit different in your jeans, match the colour on your jeans to what you are wearing.  It looks awesome!!! Jan shows how to add a bit of colour to your jeans. Brighten up and stylise your jeans with your tops

How to sew a new zip in jeans. Here's how to renew it!

Your zip is broken in your jeans, just when they are so comfy to wear!!! Here's how to renew that broken zip.  Go on give it a go and surprise yourself and save money!! This video shows you how to remove the old one and insert a new zip. You will need a sewing machine to give it the strength that it needs, and a zipper foot to make it easier and get a close edge.

Add colour to your chandelier light

This is a fantastic home project.  You can make your chandelier beautiful using this idea with glass paint.

How to make a cushion for a child's room no zips or buttons

This cushion cover has a border with a centre piece in a contrasting or matching colour.  You can add a motiff of any description or design that is suitable for other rooms in the house!! This is a great idea for a child's room and makes an ideal gift!!  Also no zips, no buttons!!!

How to make contrasting cushion covers, no zip or buttons!!

Design your own cushion cover.  It's simple to make and saves money.  You get to use the material of your choice.

Bought new lined curtains and they need taking up?  Follow this video to see how to do it easily.   Also if your curtains are covering the front of your central heating radiators you will be losing heat take your curtains up so they do not cover them. Curtains covering the front of radiators mean your heating will not circulate around the room properly. This simple job will increase your heating

How to take up curtains, dont let them cover your radiators.

How to make a drawstring bag, easily. Ideal to hold your mobile, sunglasses etc

Dead easy to make and has lots of uses, going on holiday and need a bag for your jewellery? make up? mobile phone? sun glasses? You can use your own material and no-one else will have one!!

How to make your own wall clock, any colour or design

Ever wondered how easy it was to make a wall clock?  It is very easy and you can design it to match your room!!! A step by step process

A picture made out of material

This 3D textile picture is fantastic for any room in the house!!  You can  frame it or leave it to hang.  You just want to touch it!!!  It can be as complicated as you want to make it.  This video takes you step by step to making your own 3 art.

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Add colour to your jeans by adding patches. Why not add colour to the edge of pockets too!

Change the look of your jeans by adding colourful patches. They can be any shape or regular squares.  You can hem them or leave them frayed either looks good.  Be creative and add a touch of colour to your pocket edges too

Bring a plain door to life with glass paint and leading

Make your home your own with this great idea of adding glass paint and lead to your internal glass door. This now matches my front door and chandelier!! I love the effect!  

Curtains, making them look different and wider too

Are your curtains too narrow but you still like them? Ever thought of adding a panel to one or both ends to make them wider? You can buy lots of wonderful material that you can add to the edge of your curtains or you can visit the charity or Thrift shop and buy some lovely curtains to use.  In this video I have used a duvet cover.  You can add your panel and just add header tape to that section or renew all the header tape across all the curtain, it's up to you. I really enjoyed this project, although a little fiddly and time consuming it has turned out really well and I am very pleased with the new look.  I hope you enjoy your project.

Worn out your favourite jeans?  Here's a simple repair to save them with or without a sewing machine

How long does it take to get your jeans just right, nice and comfy then, wham, a wear hole appears in an embarrassing place.  Here's what to do with this simple repair.  Now you can wear them again without displaying all!!