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Does your electricity keep switching off ? This video gives some simple things to check in order to find what is causing the problem

Does your electricity keep tripping?

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  DIY - Electrical

How to change a GU10 bulb for a 5 watt led bulb with chip technology

Change those awkward ceiling fitting GU10 recessed bulbs, with new LED 5 watt super bright with new chip technology. Showing the difference before and after fitting 6 of these in my kitchen ceiling

How to check a plug fuse. 3 pin UK

An easy job for anyone to do just follow the video

How to change a 3 pin plug. UK

Changing a plug, it`s simple and easy, just follow my simple guide.  Look at the plug inside.  Brown - right second letter is R, Blue left - second letter is L!!! Earth to top pin

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How to renew an oven element

Has your electric oven stopped working? Most times it is due to the oven element having blown. The video shown is for an inset oven in a housing, but it is more a less the same job for all ovens, free standers as well

How to solder two wires together

How to solder two wires together and get a better connection than using wire connecting blocks.

How to fit a ceiling fan

If it’s too hot in one of your rooms this is the answer, especially in the bedroom where the fan makes no noise so it is easy to sleep and keep cool

How to fix a gas fire ignitor

 If your igniter has stopped sparking the answer can be easier than you think