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One of the most common causes of no heating from a Combi boiler is that the pressure has dropped.  A video showing the filling loop and how to re pressure your Combi boiler to get it running once again.  Please note this video only covers the pressure loss problem with Combi boilers and not any other on going problems such as pumps diverter valves etc.

Central Heating Problems

Combi Boiler not working? An easy fix using the refill pressure loop

Combi boiler, do I need to shut everything down?

If your Combination boiler keeps losing pressure here is what to do to fix that problem

What to do, if you need to work on your combi heating system (moving radiators etc). Do you need to shut off water/gas or electric?

Need to drain your heating system? So you open the drain cock only to find nothing happens

Jammed stop cock? How to release if your system will not drain down

Combi boiler pressure keep dropping?

Central heating noises and the easy way to fix them

How to cure those annoying central heating boiler noises, such as kettling, banging and vrooming on start up. Al shows the real easy fix.

Central heating not working? First thing to check out and how to fix it

No heating? Plenty of hot water though, one of the first things to check if you are having problems at the first switch on,  after the summer. (Not combi`s). After making sure your stat is full up this is the next step. If your tank is ok I have lots of videos for heating related problems

How to fix your heating or hot water when it overheats and the boiler will not switch off

If your hot water is boiling and running out of the overflow pipe or your central heating radiators are too hot here are some simple checks to make.

No heating? Radiators stone cold? What to look for and how to fix it.

Do not despair, it can be the most simple fix to get your radiators going again.

How to put inhibitor to your central heating system.  Increase performance and save money

How to add inhibitor to your central heating system.This will prevent your heating system from sludging up and slowing down performance and so saving you money on heating bills as well as maintenance cost as sludge blocks up radiators and burns out central heating pumps (circulators).

If your boiler bangs and makes kettling type noises then it needs flushing with the correct cleaners. in this video I will tell you all that you need to know, how to do it for both Combi and conventional systems.  

How to stop ‘kettling’ and banging noises from your central heating boiler

How to restore your central heating if you have a defective motorised valve

If you have an un-vented heating system, that is with a cylinder (hot water tank)  and a motorised valve and find your heating has gone off this could well be the cause.  Check that the pump is working ok then suspect the 2 or 3 way motorised valve. There is a neat little trick that  can restore your heating, if it is the valve.

Lag insulate your pipes and not only prevent burst pipes but also save money on lost heat by lagging your central heating pipes and hot feed from your tank or Combi boiler.......In fact lag everything.

Lagging and insulation of pipes

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How to balance your central heating system.  Don’t put up with cold radiators

Radiators  are not heating up all that well? Your system wants balancing?This is easy to do and this video shows you how to do it. Why does it always seem to be  where you sit all evening that is the coolest radiator in the house?

What to look for if you get central heating and no hot water

If you suffer from this problem this video takes you through all the steps to restore your hot water or central heating. If you suddenly find that your heating is running ok but you have no hot water, this video covers the things to look for to sort this problem out.

No heating? How to free a jammed central heating pump

No heating? How to check your central heating pump is working

Central heating pump, how to fit one yourself

How to fit a central heating pump (circulator) yourself. It is easier than you think!!!

Central heating does not fire up after the summer.  Here’s what to do

When your heating system has been off for a while there are problems that can occur. Usually you switch on and nothing happens. Don't panic, don`t call a plumber yet, this video runs through all the checks to make that any one can do to get your system up and running again.

Central heating  pump stuck? Fix it fast, with the tap of a hammer

A quick central heating fix using the trusty hammer. One tap in the right place and all will be well again.

How to drain your radiators and boiler when you have no drain cock or it doesn’t work

How to drain your heating system to add inhibitor or remove a rad but cannot find the drain valve, or the old one does not work.

No hot water from your boiler? What to look for and how to fix it

Boiler on, but no hot water? The fix can be easier than you think. Al the plumber takes you through it step by step.

Airlocks? How to restore hot water or heating

If you suffer from this problem this video takes you through all the steps to restore your hot water or central heating.

Does your boiler keep needing a reset or locking out?

If your boiler keeps locking out, or the boiler reset light keeps coming on, then it is a sure sign of a problem, that will need fixing sooner rather than later. Al shows you how.

Electric Trianco Aztec central heating boiler

If you have no gas and do not like oil central heating or solid fuel, Here is the other alternative an electric central heating boiler.

The Magna clean cartridge. A magnetic device that keeps your heating system sludge clear. Where to fit it, and the the improved benefits and efficiency of fitting one to your central heating boiler . With no running costs, just a clean out every 6 to 12 months

How to keep your heating system clear of sludge, without inhibitor

NB, If your system has never had inhibitor put in and its an old one you will need to flush out with a flushing and system cleaner first.

Combi boiler, draining and adding inhibitor

A video showing where to find the drain cock, empty the system, add inhibitor, bleed the radiators and re-pressurise the heating system.  If you want to make your system more efficient and stop your system blocking up with black sludge, just follow my simple video.

How to get cheap hot water from your hot water tank using a 250 watt towel rail heater.If you have solar panels fitted this is a good way to use your surplus power during the day.Typical cost of these are about £25.00 from e-bay. The fittings required for fitting about £15.00. When fitted just leave switched on either all the time or just during daylight hours if you have solar panels and your hot tank will all ways be warm so that your existing immersion heater or gas boiler does not have to heat up the tank from cold.This is where most energy is used. Burning just 250 watts is much cheaper and will save you money over the long term especially if using excess left over power from solar .

How to get cheap hot water from a towel rail element

How to stop the overflow from the F & E (feed and expansion roof tank)

The problem. You have an overflow running from the loft you take a look at the cold water storage tank and find it is ok, you then look in the F and E tank (the small one that fills and vents the heating and hot water system) and see that it is overflowing. You renew the valve in the tank only to find after a few days it is overflowing again. The answer is easier than you think . Save money and do it yourself. I will show you how.

Heating problems? How to fit an automatic bypass valve and why you might need one

How to fit an automatic bypass valve and why you might need one. If your boiler does not have constant flow across it and you have thermostatic radiator valves fitted then here is the answer. Central heating pump burning out to quick? You need an auto bypass valve.

How to bleed a central heating pump

If your heating does not work it could well be air in the central heating pump (the circulator) . A simple video showing how to release the air and restore your heating. If you have had to drain down the system or taken a radiator off for decorating this could well be your problem

 Ask Al,  Do you have a plumbing or  central heating problem and can’t find  the answer on Al’s videos? Then  please email and Al will try to help you.

Boiler light not staying on

Central heating Boiler pilot light not staying on? The most common cause of the problem.

How to clear air from a central heating boiler

If your central heating boiler is making air like noises and shutting down after firing for just a few minutes or just not firing up at all. Then air could be your problem air that is stuck in the boiler. This often happens after you have drained down the system

How to fit a drain cock without draining down the heating system

Need to drain down your heating system only to find there is no drain cock or the one you have is jammed fast? Here is the easy way to fit a new one. Take this Amazon link to buy the self tapping drain cock.

Boiler breakdown? Locating the fault. The order of parts to check

Conventional boiler, wall hung, floor standing or a back boiler unit, BBU. The order of diagnosis for boiler failure, taking a look at the parts and what they do

Motorised valve broken on your heating system? Here is how to just renew the valve motor that sits on top, or for an even cheaper job the small synchronous motor that sits inside.

How to fit a three way motorised valve.  Al takes you through step by step.

How to renew a three port motorised valve head. No draining down

How to fit a three way motorised valve. Not just the head motor

How to locate the drain cock to drain down a central heating system

If you need to add inhibitor or service your boiler then you will need to drain your system. This video shows you the possible locations for the drain cock.