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Need a hassle free meal, where you just pop everything in and let it cook?

 Halogen Oven Cooking

    All in one meal, sausages and mix veg

Roast dinner with chicken portions.  A wonderful meal!

Full recipe details including making the sauces yourself  

Preparing, making and baking this family favourite

Roast dinner with chicken portions

Sausage rolls

 Beef casserole

Full recipe for perfect sausage roll, how to make the sausage rolls and then cook them in the Halogen oven.  

Pork chops, maple syrup and apricot jam

Beef mince pie and roast potatoes

Including how to make the short crust pastry, prepare the mince and make and bake the pie

Lasagna a classic recipe

Chicken and mushroom pie

Full recipe topped with mash

Grilling pork chops

Pork chops are grilled to perfection in the Halogen oven.

Grilled cod fillet

Quick, easy and healthy and tastes great!  

Cooked to perfection using the Halogen oven.  

Naughty but nice!!!! Another delicious treat

Full recipe, preparing and cooking sausage and bacon.  Delicious!!

Chocolate nut cookies

Full recipe.  A firm favourite in our household

Jam tarts

Cleaning your Halogen oven

It’s so simple and there’s a wash cycle!!

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Full recipe making the mixture

Bakewell tarts

Grilling cod in batter ready meal

Grilled cod in batter in 15 minutes at 200 degrees for a quick ready meal

This tastes succulent and the juices all run into the vegetables making them extra tasty!

  Roast pork joint  dinner and the veg

Cooking a whole chicken

Cooking a whole chicken

Cook carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower. parsnips, butternut squash all at once

All your vegetables at once

Chicken and bacon wrap

A cheap meal, delicious too! Soooo easy to cook!

Chicken sweet and sour savory with rice

A fantastic meal, quick and easy.

A really tasty no fuss meal

Chicken honey style and veg -all in one

This is so easy and once in the oven it simply cooks itself!! .

Chicken and jacket potatoes

This recipe is absolutely delicious!!! It is sooooo easy and nutritious.  

 Chicken and bacon tartiflette

This cooked really well in the Halogen oven! Absolutely delicious!!

Chirizo sausage and chicken with paella

 Chicken and bacon with pasta

Quick and easy and delicious too!  

Full recipe, how to prepare the mince and make the cottage pie.  

Beef mince cottage pie

Full recipe. Wow!! a fantastic easy recipe and delicious and nutritious!

Beef cobbler

Sausage and bacon casserole

A full recipe. A lovely meal served with veg and mash

Beef bourguignonne

Toad in the hole

Full recipe, but cook in a shallow pan

Gammon bacon joint

Gammon bacon never tasted this good served with mash and veg.  

Gammon cooked in maple, ginger and soy

A delicious meal of maple, ginger and soy roasted gammon

Light and fluffy and taste fantastic!  Full recipe

Lemon butterfly cakes

A great recipe and the cakes rise beautifully! Taste good too!

Chocolate fairy cakes in the Halogen Oven

It's a great use of the Halogen oven and soooooo tasty too!

Cheese on toast (Welsh Rarebit)

Tasting far better than ordinary jacket potatoes,

Jacket potatoes, double(twice baked)

 Ask Jan,  Do you have a favourite  recipe  you would like Jan to try in the  Halogen  oven? Then  please email and  she will give  it a try!

For Tefal Actifry and Slow cooking click here

Grillling chicken topped with mash

Another very tasty meal, quick and easy!!

Chicken Italiano cooked in the Halogen oven

Chicken Italiano

Cooking a  roast beef joint  

Fancy a roast beef joint for dinner?  I cooked this piece of sirloin beef in our Halogen oven and it was very succulent and tasty and not at all tough like it can sometimes be.  I then added the potatoes to roast alongside the beef and they tasted fantastic too!