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  Money Saving Tips

Six of the most popular wrong energy saving tips

Some of the old myths about saving on your energy bills still come around to haunt us. I have been asked so many times which is the correct method that I decided to list the wrong ones

How to save money on your heating , gas and electric bills part two

Is your heating bills sky high? Well cut them now with these simple tips . This is part two on more money saving things to do in your home

How to save money on your heating , gas and electric bills part one

If your bills for gas, electric and oil are through the roof , here are some useful tips for getting them down and start saving money

Don’t waste your solar power by letting the grid have it back for free, use it yourself. As they say use it or lose it. This project is a way of getting hot water from your spare capacity from solar panels without using an Immersun unit. Total cost of the parts for the  project to heat your water if you do it yourself is about £50.00.

Use the spare electric capacity from solar panels to heat your hot water

How to easily clean the solar panels on your roof, clean panels make more money

Don't lose money by having dirty solar panels clean them easily with my ad hoc cleaning device. Solar panels with birds muck and other stains decrease your solar panels efficiency and so loose you money. I do this job at least once a month to get maximum return on my solar investment

How to get free hot water using a solar panel

How to get free hot water from a solar panel. A complete DIY guide. Anyone can do it. Using a 100 watt solar panel an inverter, regulator and a 250 watt towel rail element. No need to go on the roof I mounted mine on the wall facing south to get the most sun. Go green and get hot water for nothing

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