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The Ickle bubba Stomp V2 travel system. Full review and assembly

For a really cost effective all in one travel system for your baby this is the one to consider. A full review and assembly by my daughter Mandi

Review and test of the Ryobi 18 volt planer

In the market for a cordless planer? This could be the one for you.

This is a home purchase that we have reviewed

Review of the Evolution Rage 2 Chop Saw

Full review and test of the Rage 2 Chop Saw. Shown cutting all kinds of materials with just one blade. Take a look and see what you think

Review of the Rage 3 Evolution multipurpose sliding compound mitre saw with Laser

A full review of the saw in action, cutting many different materials, if you are in the market for a chop and sliding saw then take a look at my review first

Real home test of the Gtech Air RAM Vacuum (Hoover!!!)

Testing at home just how good the GTECH Air Ram Vacuum really is. Have look at this video before buying one

Review of the GRDE 10 watt solar mobile phone charger

Review and test of the GRDE solar motion detector wall light

Review and test of the GRDE solar motion detector wall light. For the size of the unit the light is amazing. See for yourself.

A mobile phone charger that really delivers. A full review and test of the GRDE 10 watt solar mobile phone charger.

Review of the  Andrew James large size cat or dog pet feeder

 GRDE Solar Amphibious LED Outdoor Spotlight. Full review

The GRDE® Newest Version Amphibious LED Outdoor Spotlight. Al, gives this garden spotlight a full review and test.

Need to feed your pet while at work or away from home? I have owned this pet feeder for three years and it has not let me down once, it now comes under the Andrew James label, but it is still the same feeder. Here is a complete review with the device in action

Review of the Evolution Rage B multipurpose circular skill saw

Need a saw that will cut wood and metal, without changing the blade? This is the one, made by Evolution

If you are looking for a smart TV this Samsung could well be the one for you.  This is the only one that does all preview channels, ie, Channel 4, Channel 5.  All the usual netflix.  It has easy navigation.

Home review of the Samsung UE55F 6800 Smart TV

The Panasonic TZ60 with pictures and movie shots

Torch. Review of the 37 led Toolzone torch.Take a look at this excellent torch

A full review of this Toolzone product, my work torch

We were asked by Toolzone to carry out this review

Real home test of the Bio-Ethanol living flame fire. No flue, no logs,coal,oil,electric or gas

Need an alternative to heating your home ? No flue ? open fires with coal or logs too messy ? Electric and oil  too expensive and gas getting the same way ? Try one of these bio fuel , living flame fires

The Bosch 36 volt lawn mower after 7 years use

7 years on, the Bosch 36 volt rechargeable lawn mower. A review that is kind of done the right way round, ( 7 years of use ) when the machine has stood, or not stood, the test of time.This is a review of a home purchase

The Ickle bubba Stomp V2 travel system in every day use

The Ickle Bubba V2 travel system in use. Wow! I am now a granddad

Two years on since buying the G-TECH AIR-RAM. A full and honest review from Al.  

The G Tech Air Ram vacuum two years later

Real home test of the Vax U87 pet hair vacuum cleaner

How to remove and refit the G-Tech vacuum filters

For everyone who has trouble with removing the filters/cleaning them and worst of all, trying to get them refitted the correct way round. Here is how to do it.

Real home test showing assembly from the box then a true test in my front room. See if it is any good in real life.

Review of the 15 watt rechargeable flood light from GRDE

A look at this fine work light from Grde, that also doubles as a emergency car breakdown  light. The running time is long enough for most uses, including camping, site work and many other pursuits. Also has ports for charging your mobile phone. Don`t leave home without one of these

The G-tech vacuum cleaner after 10 months use.

As promised when I did the first review back in October 2012 here is my follow up taken august 2013. So the big question, is it still as good?

We were not asked by Gtech to do any of our reviews on this product

The Gtech Air Ram vacuum return service

After one years use , bar 2 days , the vacuum breaks down . How good is there return service ? Take a look

Real home test of the Dyson DC44 Animal

Thinking of buying this vacuum ? See a real home test after six months use

We were asked by Evoloution to give a home review of these saws

The following are home purchases that we have reviewed.  We have not been asked by the companies

Home review and mounting of Nix motion sensor photo frame

Random can repeat after a while and picture orientation can be a problem when certain cameras have been used to take the photo.  Other than that a good clear sharp image and easy to use.

Karcher window cleaner, real home review

A full at home assembly out of the box, followed by a full window cleaning demo. A fantastic gadget that saves lots of work!!!

Worried about the fish in your pond? or fed up with cats coming into your garden, for me it is the seagulls on my roof. Here is a review of a modern day electronic deterrent

Test and review of a bird,cat and animal deterrent

Home review of the Bosch Tassimo 65 coffee maker

After a years use is the Bosch still making great coffee? This has been a great asset in my household.  The coffee always turns out just great!!

Home review of the Roberts stereo radio streamer 63i

After a years use a qualified review of this great all rounder stereo radio from Roberts. It's great!!  The sound is awesome and the features easy to navigate!!

Home review of the Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

My personal take on the Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

The Sky-Watcher 120 Refractor telescope in use.Terrestrial views

A look through the eyepieces of the Sky-Watcher 120 short tube telescope. Eyepieces used were the ones that come with the scope a 25 mm and 10 mm. Views from 5 miles across the bay showing magnification views through the 25 and 10 mm eyepieces

A full review of the Sport car accident camera. How to set up the camera from Russian to English. Location of the sd card and usb slot for charging. Full setting up of the menu and installing the device in my car, then a full road test of the cam showing the results through the cam lens, both day and night . Although the night use is awful the results in daylight still make this a bargain camera at £15.00, from Amazon.

A review of the cheapest motion sensor security light. Save money on power

Home review of the Cambridge Audio Azur 651A amplifier.

A home review of this surperb amp , after 6 months use I feel I can now give a full and honest review.

Rolson home security solar led lights in action showing performance at night

This video shows the performance of the Rolson solar security lights in action at night. These solar 15 led lights costing just £13.00 to £15.00 are cheap as chips. Save energy they soon pay for themselves

A short home review of the Panasonic TZ60 followed by a movie clip showing zoom and stills taken with this camera. All clips taken at maximum resolution. This review does not cover all the specs and capabilities of this camera

Review of a solar security light  save electricity. Dont pay for mains electricity

Review and how to fix up a cheap Rolston solar security light £13.00 from e-bay. Save electric with these cheap and cheerful lights, one of which I have had for more than 18 months and it`s still going strong. These units do not even need direct sunlight to work. They click on for 20 seconds when they sense you, plenty of time to get up those dark steps. The bright leds shine my steps up a treat.

Review of the sport accident car cam. Keep your no claims bonus with this cheap device.

Led sensor security lights save money on electric running cost and this one has to be one of the cheapest yet that has proven reliable and cost effective. Turns on only when sensing movement.

How to have cheap home security. A camera in your home,fully working for just £15.00

The cheapest way of securing your home with this cheap camera that actually works. It is not a dummy camera. Don't pay hundreds of pounds for complicated camera systems that require miles of wire and complicated setting up and in most cases, some one to install it all

A full in depth review of the Singer Futura XL 400 embroidery and sewing machine. As used at home listing all the good and the bad

A full in depth review of the Singer Futura XL 400 embroidery and sewing machine. As used at home listing all the good and the bad about this machine

Embroidery using the Singer XL-400 sewing machine

Reviewed two years after the first review with all the bugs ironed out. Many problems were encountered on our first review but due to all your excellent feedback over the last two years, these have now been resolved. Hence this new review. This video focuses on making an embroidery design using the hoop

The IP security camera, set up and review

Need a camera you can view on your mobile phone? That also sends alerts when movement is detected. You can even speak into your mobile and be heard through the camera speaker. Great not just for security but also to keep an eye on your pets at home

Claud Butler electric cycle review. The Glide1.  A full test ride.

Claud Butler Glide 1 review and test ride. Quite pleased with the performance although you do have to pedal for the motor to cut in and then keep the throttle open you then do not need to pedal. The other little thing to get used to is that even without the throttle open the motor still kicks in after a certain speed of the pedals. Hope this review was of some benefit to anyone looking to purchase one of these bikes.

Solar step lights in action at night and review

If you have steps leading up or down to your property then these are really useful for seeing your way.  So much easier on the eyes than mains lights. They are available from Amazon. Currently at £4.32 each.

A review of the Flylink HD video watch camera

The idea of having a camera on your watch, seems a nice idea, so here is the Flylink model 16GB watch with movie shots and stills taken from the watch.

Review and setup of the Maplin weather station

Follow up review, of the Maplin weather station. Is it any good?

Review and setup of the Maplin weather station

We were asked by GRDE to review their products

If you have a product that you would like us to review please email us

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Home review of the Andrew James halogen oven. Save money compared with gas or electric ovens

We purchased our Halogen oven and were unsure just how good it was going to be.  We have tried lots of recipes in it now, not just recipes from the recipe books that you can purchase specifically for the Halogen oven, but also ones from other cook books or that we had on our shelf at home.  We can only say that they taste amazing and are cooked in less time than in an ordinary oven. We have lots of Halogen oven videos on the navigation bar

Set up and review of the Solaray bird bath from Primrose

Review of the Primrose sun sail. Have more shade in your garden

Follow up review of the Maplin weather station. Is it any good?

Need a bit of shade when the weather is actually good? Try one of these Sun sails from primrose.

The Solaray bird bath, no wires or out door sockets to run, just place anywhere in a sunny spot, for a lovely fountain style bird bath. The birds love it and it also attracts many different species