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General Plumbing

How to change the ball valve/ballcock in your cold water storage tank in the loft.

How to renew the roof tank ballcock

How to fit a ballafix stop valve,  isolating valve

These cheap and cheerful valves are handy for fitting on any supply pipe , to say, a tap, toilet cistern and an outside tap. Once fitted, it is easy to turn off an outside tap for winter or fix a dripping tap without turning your main stopcock off, or going into a loft to turn off the hot or cold from a storage tank

If you suffer from pipes banging and loud noises in your home, the answers are fairly easy

How to cure water hammer noises

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How to increase your water pressure at the taps, either using a new pump or utilising a shower pump as in this video

How to increase the water pressure at the taps

How to fit an anode into a steel tank

If you miss this one then say goodbye to your steel tank as without anode protection your steel tank will soon hole through costing you a lot more than £10.00 for the anode.This video shows how easy it is to do it yourself especially as it needs to be done every year, getting a plumber to change it will cost you dearly

How to clear a blocked waste using a cheap pressure gun priced around £15.00.This is the easest way of clearing a blocked sink/bath/basin or WC pan. Available from most DIY outlets these pressure guns save a lot of work in dismantling wastes and messing with rods etc..

Blocked sink/bath/basin or WC pan? Clear it  with a  cheap pressure gun

How to increase your low cold water pressure to your bath/basin and wc cistern

Low water pressure at the bathroom cold taps? WC cistern filling slow? How a simple bit of plumbing can restore your water pressure.  Also you will now find you can drink the water from the basin tap, instead of going downstairs to the kitchen for a drink at night. Not for those with shower mixer bath taps, best to have a pump in these circumstances. We have a video on fitting one

Hot water pressure slow? Another cause of slow flow from hot taps

Hot water getting slower and slower from hot taps? If you live in a hard water area this could be your problem

Roof tank and WC valve filling up too slowly.  Here's how to fix it

WC taking too long to fill up between flushes? Roof tank seems to be filling forever (especially at night)? Then it`s time to sort it out. Al will show all the relevant fixes and why it is happing

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Overflow running? How to repair a part one ballcock, standard brass ballvalve

Overflow running? How to repair a part 2 brass ballcock ball valve. Ball valve with overhead spout

The old standard ballcock that can be repaired so cheaply and stop that overflow. Save money on your water bill, this job is so easy and cheap to do

Is your overflow running? How to repair a part 2 brass ballcock. If your overflow is running,or making a heck of a noise filling up, then just follow these simple steps

How to repair a plastic WC  ball cock, stop your overflow running

How to stop that overflow running outside, or the water that is constantly pouring into your WC pan. Easy repair of the humble plastic ball valve in your WC cistern. Costing just pennies for a washer or seating. Save a lot of money now! It`s your water bill !!!

A bottom entry WC cistern and the easiest way to renew the valve without the hassle. Al shows you how to stop that overflow working

How to renew a plastic WC  ball cock, stop your overflow running

How to clear a kitchen drain

If your kitchen waste is blocked up, quite often it is not the waste trap or plastic waste pipe, (see video),  get a set of drain rods and do it your self. A typical rodding set cost just £15.00

How to fix a leak under the sink

You open the sink cupboard door and oww!!! there is water everywhere. Don't panic it`s a straight forward job that in most instances does not require any tools.

How to repair a leak on waste traps

Leaking waste trap under the sinks/basins and baths, how to fix them, also how to make up shortfalls when renewing a basin or sink unit. The waste never seems to fit!

How to a stop water coming up through your sink from your washing machine

If the washing machine pumps water up into the sink the smell is not too good either. So follow the video and save on that expensive plumber

How to lift drain covers (Man hole covers) for blocked drains

Need to lift a drain cover? Got a blocked drain? We have another video on how to clear it.

How to clear a blocked pan. Or drain

See how to clear the blockage yourself and save pounds on expensive drain clearing firms

How to turn your water off outside if you have a water meter fitted.

If you are on a water meter the chances are your stopcock will be a little blue valve by the meter this video shows how to turn the valve into the off position. Showing the direction and how far to turn the valve

How to stop your water main freezing up this winter. Watch those outside air vents

If you find every winter when the temperture drops below zero your water goes off , its normally because your incoming water supply is frozen. do yourself!

How to fit an automatic air valve to a towel rail. No more bleeding air when it goes cold

Are you fed up with bleeding your towel rad or radiator every week? Well here is the answer, fit one of these and throw away the air key. Air in your towel rail or radiators mean your heating works less efficiently so save money and fit one of these

How to use a 200 watt towel rail element for hot water

If you have a hot water cylinder with the drain off cock easily accessible , then this money saving tip is for you

How to renew an immersion heater without splitting the tank or having a leak afterwards

Renewing an immersion heater is a risky business using the correct tools and methods will show you how to lower that risk and take the job on. Using the wrong tools and methods could mean ripping the immersion boss off the top of the tank (it happens), or upon refilling the cylinder finding that you now have a leak from the immersion boss

How to get free hot water using a solar panel.

How to get free hot water from a solar panel. A complete DIY guide,Anyone can do it. Using a 100 watt solar panel an inverter , regulator and a 250 watt towel rail element. No need to go on the roof i mounted mine on the wall facing south to get the most sun. Go green and get hot water for nothing

Make sure your gutters don't spill over and ruin your paintwork and fascia boards and cause damp

How to clean your gutters and downpipes

The easiest way to repair a leak on a gutter joint

How to repair a leaking gutter

 Ask Al,  Do you have a plumbing or  central heating problem and can’t find  the answer on Al’s videos? Then  please email and Al will try to help you.

How to drain out a hot water cylinder (hot tank)

Need to drain out the hot cylinder? Here is how to do it

Push fit pipe fittings what to do if one leaks

Push fit fittings. Why they leak and how to fix them.

How to prevent a burst plastic waste pipe this winter. Don`t get a flood through your ceiling..

Prevent a frozen split waste pipe this winter, using this easy method