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Got a plumbing or heating problem? Can’t afford a plumber?  Ask Al,

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How to stop a water hammer noise from a tap

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What to look for if you get central heating and no hot water

If you suffer from this problem this video takes you through all the steps to restore your hot water or central heating. If you suddenly find that your heating is running ok but you have no hot water, this video covers the things to look for to sort this problem out

                          We have over 150 plumbing and                           heating videos and many DIY videos.                           Each page has an index and links.  If you do not find the answer to your question from our videos you can email Al and ask him to answer specific questions related to your personal plumbing situation. You can send Al photos and he will get back to you.

Do you get a loud bang when you turn your tap off? Here is an easy cure for that water hammer noise

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